A series that catches up with educators from across the province to see what’s happening in their classrooms and communities. It often highlights how educators are bringing technology into their classrooms.

LEARN Playlist: Making the Shift to Online Teaching and Learning

A series of 6 videos to help educators shift to teaching and learning online.

Teaching History and Social Studies in the Time of Covid-19

Webinar: FRIDAY OCTOBER 23, 2020.

This is a recording of an informal online presentation by Paul Rombough at the Aqeus conference in 2020.


Its intention was to show examples of various ways to include interactivity and collaboration at each “phase” in an inquiry learning process. These examples are continually being added to on LEARN’s page for these kinds of sessions at…

ARTS CONNECTION: Practical Ideas and Planning for Teaching the Arts during Pandemic

Webinar recorded August 24th, 2020

In collaboration with the MAD2 Sub-committee for the Arts, LEARN hosted a workshop about the unique challenges and solutions for Arts teachers during COVID-19.

LEARN – Graspable Math with Online Teacher Audrey McLaren

Archived Webinar with Audrey McLaren online on June 3rd, 2020.

Graspable Math is an online tool that enables students to experiment with math and algebra in a whole new way. In this video, Audrey McLaren, an online Math teacher at LEARN explains how she uses this tool with her students.

Here are the practice links used in the webinar:

Full-Length Webinar Here

Taste of Scratch: Why Code?

A video explaining why coding is important, the difference between Scratch and ScatchJr, and how to begin coding with your students across the curriculum.

Webinar for Kreocode: Global Goal 12

Learn about the sustainable goals, the Kreocode 2023 challenge and how to start Scratching for sustainability!

Teach with Scratch: Account Setup

A hyperdoc to help guide you in setting up your teacher and student accounts on Scratch.

Scratch Code Along: Animating a face with 5 sprites

Join the LEARN team and learn how to animate a face with 5 Scratch Sprites. Play the video and then circulate your class to offer support OR scratch along too!

ScratchJr: Code Along

Come code with us during this virtual ScratchJr code along. A great way to begin using Scratch with your students. You can pause or slow down the video at any time. While the video is playing, you are free to circulate your class and help students with their coding or do some coding yourself!

Try Blockly

“Blockly was built by Google for developers and is a block programming language that is compatible with a variety of devices such as Ozobots, Micro:bits, Dash & Dot, MBot, and many others. It is versatile, open source, and is great for translating block code into real programming languages like Python and JavaScript!”

Scratch: Creative Computing Curriculum Guide

Learn more about Scratch and how it can be used across the curriculum.

Québec Scratch Educator Meetup

A virtual space to share, create and learn with educators from across the province. For Scratch and Scratch Jr.

ScratchJr: Tutorials

Watch these tutorials to become more familiar with ScratchJr and how it can be used to further your pedagogy.

Makey Makey Interactive Timelines : Teacher’s Guide

Explore creating interactive timelines with your students. These interactive timelines could be created across the curriculum. Note: Teachers may have to request access to view this document!

Makey Makey Interactive Timelines: Student Workbook

A workbook to support students in planing and creating timelines with Makey Makey and Scratch.

Makey Makey Activities: Autodesk Instructables

Check out some project ideas that use a Makey Makey microcontroller.

Chirping Plush Owl Toy

Learn how to make this cute chirping owl. This project is a real hoot! guide Becky Stern.

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