OctoStudio How-To Videos

Want to learn how to make a game, animate a story, or more using OctoStudio for IPad? Check out the OctoStudio YouTube channel for fun ideas!

OctoStudio Activity Inspiration

Check out this blog by Exploratorium.edu to inspire your next OctoStudio app. project! OctoStudio is available on IPad.

OctoStudio App

OctoStudio was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group which is part of the MIT Media Lab team that invented Scratch. Similar to Scratch, it is a block based coding app that works on Ipad. It has interactive blocks and allows you to easily take photos of things around you and turn them into backdrops or Sprites!

Micro:Bit 1-Pager

A double-sided document to get started with Micro:Bit. This document includes an overview and key features, ideas to integrate the microcontroller into different subject curriculum and additional resources.

Sphero 1-Pager

A double-sided document to get started with Sphero. This document includes an overview and key features comparing the Sphero mini, Sprk+, and Bolt. This document also includes ideas to integrate the robots into different subject curriculum and a QR code containing additional resources.

Experience AI

Learn more about artificial intelligence systems with these awesome lesson plans and resources from Google DeepMind and the Raspberry Pi Foundation!

Machine Learning for Kids

Learn more about how artificial intelligence functions using Machine Learning for Kids. Input your own data or use the data sets provided. No account needed!

Open Creative Spaces: Storytelling

Presentation slides with embedded links to provide challenges for STEAM activities (with a storytelling focus) including robotics, branching narrative with Twine, interactive posters with Makey Makey, stop motion animation with lego or clay, and low tech storytelling such as light play, magnetic poetry, story cubes and more.

Visualise Sound Waves: littleBit Synth Kit

Check out this lesson plan to help students explore and visualize sound waves created by the littleBit synth kit!

Seek App by inaturalist

An application that allows you to identify plants, animals, insects, fungi and more! It is a great addition to any outdoor learning experience. It is suitable for educators and students in elementary cycle 2 and up!

Spring into Learning: Exploring Apps. for Outdoor Learning

This blog post introduces educators to 4 different free apps for outdoor education. Each app is paired with ideas on how educators could potentially tie the application to their pedagogical intentions.

Merlin Bird Id

Identify birds in your local area with this easy to use app! You can identify birds by sound or by photo and learn more about the birds you identify.

littleBits Synth Kit: Lessons

Learn all about music with this synth kit by littleBits and KONG. You can access step-by-step lesson plans and extension ideas via this link to the KONG website.

AQEFLS 2024: Raconte-moi une histoire à l’aide du numérique!

Cet atelier pratique a été donné, en français, à la conférence de l’AQEFLS en avril 2024. Ce diaporama présente plusieurs outils numériques interactifs qui peuvent aider les enseignants à raconter et produire des contes modernes avec des élèves de tout âge. Les outils incluent Scratch, Scratch Jr, Makey Makey, Twine, et l’animation “stop-motion”. Une collection de ressources (padlet) est également liée et partagée dans les diapositives de la présentation.

This hands-on workshop was given, in French, at the AQEFLS Conference in April 2024. This slide deck presents several interactive, digital tools that can support teachers with storytelling with students of any age. The tools include Scratch, Scratch Jr, Makey Makey, Twine, and stop-motion animation. A collection of resources (padlet) is also linked to and shared within the presentation slides.

iRobot Learning Library

Looking for fun educational activities  and lesson plans that can be done with iRobots like Root? Check out the iRobot Learning Library to search for activity inspiration!

Unboxing the Building:bit Superkit by Yahboom

This unboxing video was hosted by LEARN – RÉCIT provincial service for the anglophone community. Get started with the Building:bit Superkit by Yahboom, a fun extension kit for your Micro:bit! Access the Yahboom Superkit guide here: http://www.yahboom.net/study/buliding… For more information on Micro:bits check out our resources, visit our DCA website here: https://dca.learnquebec.ca/resources/… You may also want to check out our comprehensive Micro:bit course for teachers and students: bit.ly/MBunits Visit our website for educators: https://educators.learnquebec.ca

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