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In Québec, there are both French and English RÉCIT services. Each school board has their own local RÉCIT consultant and each subject area has a Provincial RÉCIT service. The Anglophone community also has a team of LEARN-RÉCIT consultants to support the integration of technology across the curriculum. They contribute to and support professional development in line with Québec’s Digital Action Plan.


Provincial RÉCIT and LEARN-RÉCIT consultants are available province-wide to:

1. Contribute to the development and sharing of provincial expertise in the use of technology and digital resources for supporting teaching and learning;

2. Support the development and sharing of this expertise with the local anglophone RÉCIT consultants, teachers and professionals who accompany teachers, through:

  • the production, distribution, and promotion of resources that support teaching and learning through technology and digital resources (these resources are dedicated to the English community);
  • online and in-person workshops or training;
  • communities of practice and/or sharing.

About this site:

The purpose of the new Digital Competency in Action website is to support the implementation of the Digital Action Plan and the Digital Competency Framework. It integrates content from sites and resources that have been built by members of the anglophone community over a number of years with the support and funding of the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec. The themes and resources have been aligned to the 12 dimensions of the Digital Competency Framework and address a number of issues that have emerged in the decade since the initial projects were launched.

We hope that this updated site and its resources can build on the great work that was accomplished over the years.

We would like to acknowledge the legacy of the Inquiry Process/Processus de recherche, Digital Citizenship/Citoyenneté numérique, and Learn and Lead/Apprendre et guider Projects.

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