Assistive Tech Tools for Reading and Writing

In this section is a listing of Assistive technology functions that can help with reading and writing tasks when using a digital device.  In Quebec schools the main software for writing is either WORD (desktop or Web) or Google Docs (web).

Some of these features are built into WORD.  Others are software based and need to be installed on the device in order to work with the word-processing application being used. When using Google docs, extensions can be added that will  provide some of these features.

+ Navigating a document with a keyboard

+ Reading support through Text-To-Speech (TTS)

+ Revision support through Text-To-Speech (TTS)

+ Skip to content feature in a web page

+ Spacing between lines of text

+ Using a digital dictionary
+ Using a digital voice recorder
+ Using a language translator for reading
+ Using a language translator for writing
+ Using a line focusing tool

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