Writing Support through Speech-To-Text

What is this feature?

Speech-to-text automatically converts what the user says aloud into written text. Speech-to-text can be a feature that is included with an operating system or a software application.

How do I use it?

Speech-to-text allows the user to dictate the text they would like to write. The user’s voice is captured by a microphone on the device. The feature transforms spoken word into written text in a word processing document.

How does it help?

During the dictation stage the user can focus on capturing their ideas in written text. 

Afterwards, in the revising and editing phase, the user can focus on spelling, grammar, and syntax, in order to improve what they have written.

  • Speech to Text in the examples below requires an internet connection.
  • Voice recognition software may not be admissible for some MEQ examinations


Using Speech to text in a Google Doc. using Read & Write

Using Speech to Text with WORD

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