Using word prediction

What is this feature?

Word Prediction is a feature in some assistive technology applications that works together with writing software on a computer. It can also be a browser extension for use when writing on the web.

It uses user input to offer a list of suggested words, based on each successive letter that is typed, or the context of the sentence being typed. The user selects the word that they want from the list, and it is transferred by the software into their text. The word suggestions show the conventional dictionary spelling.

How do I use it?

As the user composes a text, a list of words appears based on the letters that have been typed so far. The user can then select the most appropriate word and the software completes the word being typed with the selection.

The user can customize the number of words suggested in a list. Words can be presented in alphabetical order or based on context.

How does it help?

Word prediction can help build richer texts with a more varied vocabulary. The user will see the correct spelling of the words as they come up, thereby reinforcing correct spelling. If Text-To-Speech (TTS) is enabled, each selected word is spoken aloud, providing auditory support.

Using Word Prediction with Read&Write in a Google Doc

Using Word Prediction with WordQ and WORD

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