Reading Support through Text-To-Speech (TTS)

What is this feature?

TTS reads an accessible digital text aloud with a synthesized voice, following the pronunciation and grammar rules of the user’s selected language. 

Most TTS support a highlighting feature where each word is highlighted as it is being read aloud.

How do I use it?

With TTS, the user either selects a word, sentence, or paragraph (based on user need) and enables TTS to read that text aloud to them.

How does it help?

TTS supports the user by reading a text aloud. The user listens to the text as it is read and follows on the screen. It is easier to focus on the content of a text when not having to also decode.

Following and hearing the words read by TTS can help improve reading fluency over time.  

It is important to adjust the TTS voice and pace to the needs of the user.

Text-To-Speech / WORD / Immersive Reader

Text-To-Speech / Google Docs / Read&Write

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