Using grammar and spell check

What is this feature?

Grammar and spell check use differently coloured highlighting to point out potential spelling and/or grammatical errors. They may also offer suggestions  to help correct the possible errors.

How do I use it?

An active spelling and grammar checker can interfere with the composing of a text by giving immediate feedback to the user when questionable spelling or grammar are used. This can distract the writer significantly. Spelling and grammar checkers are useful but need to be used at the right time (e.g: toggled on or off) in the writing process for the needs of the writer.

Note: Word Prediction can help in the initial phase of writing of a text and should result in less spelling errors.

How does it help?

Spelling and grammar settings can be customised and fine tuned to the needs of the user. It is recommended the user start with a minimum number of settings turned on. They are intended as supports and aids. If they don’t meet a need, don’t turn them on! Spelling and Grammar checkers are best used in the revision and editing part of the writing process rather than when drafting or composing.

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