Cyber Dependence and Addiction in Youth

“In the digital age, cyber addiction and its consequences are an issue at the heart of our society.”

Promoting Ethical Online Behaviours with Your Kids

“The foundation for helping kids to behave ethically is to teach them to respect themselves and other people. Online, this mostly falls into three categories: respect people’s privacy, respect people’s feelings and respect people’s property.”

Raising Ethical Kids for a Networked World

“Examine some of the moral dilemmas that kids face in their online activities and explore some strategies to help them build the social and emotional intelligence that’s needed to support ethical decision making – and build resiliency if things go wrong.”

Pause and Think Online

“The Digital Citizens are featured in a song helping students pause and think about how to be safe, responsible, and respectful online.” Check out the link to the accompanying lesson plan in our teacher resource section.

My Online Identity

An LES where “students will learn that freedom of expression comes with some constraints and obligations. They will identify the impact of their online publications on themselves and others and explore the rules, codes and standards that surround the use of social media.”

Stay on the Path: Teaching Kids to be Safe and Ethical Online Portal Page

A series of MediaSMART resources that aim to promote ethical online behaviours and digital citizenship.

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