LEGO WeDo 2.0: Computing Extension Projects

Check out this LEGO guide to learn how to do even more with your WeDo 2.o

Getting Started with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3

A guide for beginning to use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 in your class

Ozobot: Webinars and How-To’s

A collection of webinars on Ozobots. Ozobot 101 recordings and slides can be a great place to begin!

Makewonder: Link of all Wonder Apps (scroll down to “Apps”)

Scroll down to “Apps” to explore Dash & Dot (tablet) apps.

How to Block Pornography on Your Child’s Devices

Check out this 2023 parent guide by Common Sence Media to block pornography from your child’s devices.

SMART Notebook for iPad

The Smart Notebook app. is perfect for small group work. You can create content on the app. and use it to control the SMART Notebook software on your board from anywhere in your classroom.

Students could also create content (presentations, quizzes, etc) for the class on their iPads and then few the content on the class board.

Math Learning Center

Want to bring technology into your math class? Need some manipulatives but don’t have physical access to them? Here are several FREE applications that work on the web or on an Ipad.


A fun way to bring technology and games into geography class. Try to locate where you are on the globe for points. Play alone or in a group. Why not write a text about where you are virtually or research the location and landmarks while your at it?!

Dualless Google Chrome Extension

Only have one screen? No problem. The Dualless Google Chrome Extension allows you to split a single screen in two so you can be even more efficient than you already are!

Tayasui Sketches School

Want to bring technology into your art class? Try the Tayasui Sketches app. for IOS and Android.

Tutorials and downloads are available online.

SWIFT Playground

Swift Playgrounds is an app for iPad and Mac that allows students (and teachers!) to learn a programing language that was created by Apple. Check out Apple’s free interactive walk-throughs to learn more about this programming language and how to explore it with students!

Hour of Code Activities

Check out one-hour coding activities on the hour of code website. Most activities are available for free at any time. There are also coding events in December. You can search for activities by technological device, subject, grade level, coding familiarity and more! Activities are available in numerous languages.

Blockly Games

Coding games and puzzles with different step-by-step levels to guide you. It is available in numerous languages.

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