Safety in My Online Neighborhood

A video for young children. Check out the link to the accompanying Common Sense Media lesson plan in our teacher resource section.

Zoe and Molly Online: Teacher Toolkit

Grade 4 Teacher’s Guide, which contains, “activities related to staying safe online”. Find a link to the accompanying student workbook by searching Zoe and Molly in the search bar. 

Private and Personal Information

A video for young children. Check out the link to the accompanying Common Sense Media lesson plan in our teacher resource section.

Understanding Your Online Footprints: How to Protect Your Personal Information on the Internet

Resources to explore digital footprints and privacy.

Zoe and Molly Online: Staying Safe

“Comics, games and activities created by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to promote online safety.”

Safe Online Surfing

A website with online games sorted by grade level. “Have fun while learning about staying safe online.”

Get Cybersafe: Entertainment, Games and Contests

“Resources and advice for staying safe online from the Canadian Government.”

How to Empower Students with Technology

“Teachers can draw on their students’ expertise with educational technology. Hear how one teacher does it.”

Critical Evaluation of a Content-Based I-Pad/I-Pod App.

An example of a checklist that can be used to evaluate apps.

Help! Someone Shared a Photo of Me Without My Consent.

What to do if someone shares a picture of you without consent.

Helping Your Child to Stay Safe Online

“Learn about the steps that Canadian parents can take to protect children online.”

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Rogue Sites and Online Risk

An article on accessing illegal sharing sites and the risks.

Think Before You Share

Tips from Facebook and MediaSmarts: “posters, and guides — why we should think before we share”.

Easy Ways to Stay Safe on Your Mobile

“How to use your mobile device safely with tips about strong passcodes, security settings and more.”

Privacy and Internet Life

“Students are made aware of online privacy issues, primarily those relating to giving out personal information on social networking sites.”

Playing With Privacy

“Students explore how their information is used on gaming sites and debate the trade-offs.”

Lesson in Action: Private Today, Public Tomorrow

“Students reflect on their responsibility to protect the privacy of others when posting information about them online.”

Who Knows? Your Privacy in the Information Age

“Students explore issues relating to privacy through a series of activities, surveys and quizzes”

Falcons Ed Tech Tutorials: How Websites Track You Around the Web

Information on cookies and how websites track you.”

Protect Kids Online

Helpful information for parents / guardians to better understand the online world and help guide their children.

Parenting the Digital Generation

“The Parenting the Digital Generation workshop looks at the various activities kids love to do online and offers tips and strategies for everything from Facebook privacy settings, online shopping, cyberbullying, to protecting your computer from viruses.”

Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

“Do you need parental controls? What are the options? Do they really work? Here’s everything you need to know about the wide array of parental control solutions, from OS settings to monitoring apps to network hardware.”

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