Wakelet: Scratch

Check out this Wakelet, which was created by the LEARN RÉCIT team. It contains many helpful links in one spot, so its easy for you to use and navigate.

Taste of Scratch: Why Code?

A video explaining why coding is important, the difference between Scratch and ScatchJr, and how to begin coding with your students across the curriculum.

Webinar for Kreocode: Global Goal 12

Learn about the sustainable goals, the Kreocode 2023 challenge and how to start Scratching for sustainability!

ScratchJr: Code Along

Come code with us during this virtual ScratchJr code along. A great way to begin using Scratch with your students. You can pause or slow down the video at any time. While the video is playing, you are free to circulate your class and help students with their coding or do some coding yourself!

Québec Scratch Educator Meetup

A virtual space to share, create and learn with educators from across the province. For Scratch and Scratch Jr.

ScratchJr: Tutorials

Watch these tutorials to become more familiar with ScratchJr and how it can be used to further your pedagogy.

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