LEARN PADLET: Photo Editing Software

A collection of photo editing software that might interest students and teachers. The software ranges in terms of the learning curve needed to navigate.

Paper Circuits Padlet curated by LEARN/ RÉCIT

A collection of paper circuit projects curated by the LEARN RÉCIT team for various levels.

Video Production Padlet curated by LEARN/ RÉCIT

A collection of activities, tools, apps and how-tos for various video production forms (claymation, animation, green screen, etc).

Micro:bit resources (organized in Pinterest)

This Pinterest board has over one hundred resources, useful for getting started and going further with Micro:bits in your classroom.

Tayasui Sketches School

Want to bring technology into your art class? Try the Tayasui Sketches app. for IOS and Android.

Tutorials and downloads are available online.

SWIFT Playground

Swift Playgrounds is an app for iPad and Mac that allows students (and teachers!) to learn a programing language that was created by Apple. Check out Apple’s free interactive walk-throughs to learn more about this programming language and how to explore it with students!

Hour of Code Activities

Check out one-hour coding activities on the hour of code website. Most activities are available for free at any time. There are also coding events in December. You can search for activities by technological device, subject, grade level, coding familiarity and more! Activities are available in numerous languages.

Taste of Technology: Anglophone RÉCIT consultants

Anglophone RÉCIT consultants presented a deep dive into the Plan D’Action Numérique / Digital Action Plan (PAN/DAP) materials list for 2022-2023

Anglophone RÉCIT consultants presented a deep dive into the Plan D’Action Numérique / Digital Action Plan (PAN/DAP) materials list for 2022-2023. This video compilation includes brief overviews for the robots, microcontrollers, and invention kits below.

The approximate time location is indicated before the subject.  You can also access the accompanying presentations for each technology in the respective links.

2:45 Beebot, Bluebot, Code & Go Mouse (7 mins) – Presentation

10:17 Ozobots (9 mins) – Presentation

19:00 LittleBits (8 mins)

27:27 Sphero & Artie 3000 (13 mins) – Presentation

40:16 Micro:bit & Spike Prime (19 mins) – Presentation

59:19 Makey Makey (12 mins) – Presentation


An online tool to “design absolutely anything, from logos and social media content to documents, prints and more. Tons of free templates, photos, etc”. A great way to create presentations and videos too!

Teachers can register for a FREE educator’s account using their SB ID. If your school board does not issue id’s, blacked-out pay stubs also work for registration.

Custom Wordle

Create your own Wordle games to share with friends. A great way to practice new vocabulary and spelling words!


A great example of local history and technology integration.

HONORE MERCIER PODCASTS: Students at Honoré Mercier Elementary School in St. Leonard were pretty busy during the first half of the school year, recording nine tri-lingual (English, French & Italian) podcasts about St. Léonard’s most famous landmarks.Celebrating an important achievement

From Café Milano – Montréal to the Caverne de St. Léonard, plaques will soon be placed in front of these famous locations with #QRCodes, which visitors can scan with their smartphone to listen.

Pedagogical organizations such as the RÉCIT and LEARN have greatly helped, in particular with setting up the BaladoWeb site that hosts all the podcasts.
Go to site

In addition to the dedicated teachers (Elisa Infusini, Karina Lajeunesse and Antonietta Morena) a team of resource people also contributed to the success of the project: Sonia Marotta (principal), Kish Gué (local RÉCIT consultant), Dimitri Ilias (Panorama), Thomas Stenzel (LEARN) and Sandra Laine (RÉCIT).

The project was launched at the Leonardo Da Vinci Center in Montréal where educational world leader Alan November was kind enough to offer a few words.

Teaching Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom: A Webinar for Québec Teachers

“This webinar is a partnership between Hands On Media Education & LEARN Québec. To learn more about Teaching Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom, please contact Hands On Media at info@handsonmediaeducation.com or visit www.handsonmediaeducation.com”

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