Primary school computing & literacy w/ storytelling — Bobby Whyte | Computing education research

A video by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Dr Bobby Whyte discusses the benefits and shares examples of storytelling in elementary using programming software (Scratch).

LEARN: Unboxing Sphero indi

I love this little car robot! Great for our youngest learners’ first kick at programming. Use color rubber tiles to tell indi where to go and what to do. Comes with stickers to personalize indi, as well as a bunch of rubber-coloured floor tiles, and a pile of challenge cards ready for your students. Let times.

What Parents Need to Know about SnapChat: National Online Safety

A PDF accessed March 23, 2023 on Ipads for parents and caregivers.

Video Production Padlet curated by LEARN/ RÉCIT

A collection of activities, tools, apps and how-tos for various video production forms (claymation, animation, green screen, etc).

E-Textiles STEAM Padlet curated by LEARN/RÉCIT

A collection of activities and guides to get you stared and inspired with E-Textiles, curated by the LEARN RÉCIT team.

Musical Instruments with Makey Makey: Jason Webb

Musical instruments with the MaKey MaKey (1-4 hours) – easy/intermediate. Can be done with Scratch coding software.

MaKey MaKey – An Invention Kit for Everyone : Jay Silver

A video about Makey-Makey with different project ideas.

Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show

DIY maker episodes by a young girl named Sylvia. Episodes on various topics including squishy circuits, etextiles, Adafruit, Arduino and more!

18+ Arduino Projects – Rui Santos (PDF)

A PDF with projects that can be done with an Arduino microcontroller. Projects range in difficulty.

5 LED Blink Slow Out of Sequence: eTextile Lounge

An easy Arduino project that takes around 1-2 hours to complete.

How to Make LEDs Flash to Music With an Arduino: Autodesk Instructables

How to Make LEDs Flash to Music with an Arduino. An intermediate project that takes around 2-3 hours.

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