Revision support through Text-To-Speech (TTS)

What is this feature?

TTS reads selected text aloud, allowing the user to listen to a text they have written.

How do I use it?

With TTS, the user selects a sentence or a paragraph from the text on their screen. The device reads the text aloud. The author listens to the text being read, focusing on, if what is spoken is what was intended and if it makes sense.

How does it help?

This feature is helpful for users to review and revise written text to improve meaning. TTS can help in the detection of skipped words or ideas when the text is reread. Many authors gets so wrapped up in the ownership of their own text that they can miss finer details. TTS reads exactly what is there, providing feedback to the author with an outside voice, making it easier to listen to the text critically and then revise.

In addition, the author can listen to the text focusing on pauses and stops or their absence, then revise the text accordingly, with more suitable punctuation. This can also address run-on sentences, interrogation and exclamation marks.

There are many ways to use WordQ as part of revision.  In this example Speech, which speaks words as they are typed was turned off. With it on, we could have used that method to find nite, through, and telescope.  The user needs to find what works best for them and take it step by step.

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