UDL Lesson Plan Template

UDL Lesson Plan Template

“UDL lesson plans consider four curriculum components, which make up a complete learning
experience. Educators have many options and choices for how to format their lesson design.
Below is only one example. Regardless of the format you use, all UDL lesson plans consider
goals, methods, materials, and assessments. You will notice that in the sample below, you
design the lesson by first considering goals, and then designing assessments before considering
methods and materials. This backwards design relates to the Understanding by Design (UbD)
framework. Using UDL and UbD together ensures that the backwards design of curriculum
meets the needs of all learners.”




Kindergarten, Elementary Cycle 1, Elementary Cycle 2, Elementary Cycle 3, Secondary Cycle 1, Secondary Cycle 2, General Adult Education


Technological Skills and Innovation
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & Assistive Technology

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Professional Development
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