Teaching about the Total Solar Eclipse

Teaching about the Total Solar Eclipse

In this webinar, we’ll learn all about the upcoming total solar eclipse coming to Quebec on Monday, April 8th.

With guidance from Trevor Kjorlien, Space Educator from Plateau Astro, we’ll learn how to teach what a solar eclipse is with simple physical models and free software tools. We’ll learn about the path of totality, what the eclipse will look like from the ground, and some suggested tips for that Monday afternoon.

This webinar is a collaboration between LEARN RÉCIT Provincial Service for the Anglophone Community, Plateau Astro, and MaST Coordinating Committee.




Kindergarten, Elementary Cycle 1, Elementary Cycle 2, Elementary Cycle 3, Secondary Cycle 1, Secondary Cycle 2, General Adult Education


Technological Skills and Innovation
Staying Current with Technology, Distance Education & Hybrid Teaching

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