Secondary Focus Tools

The below Focus series Graphic organizers were designed to support students and educators. They were originally aligned with the 9 Cross-Curricular Competencies (CCC) in the Quebec Education Program.

We have since aligned them with the dimensions of the Digital Competency Framework. The original Cross-Curricular Competency is in the brackets. The below graphic explains how the 9 CCCs and 12 dimensions of the Digital Competency Framework are related.

Focus Tools for Secondary

Select to go to dimension specific tools:

Ethical Citizenship, Technological Skills, and Digital Resources for Learning (CCC 6)

Information Literacy (CCC 1)

Collaboration (CCC 8)

Communication (CCC 9)

Content Production & Inclusion and Diverse Needs (CCC 5)

Personal and Professional Empowerment (CCC 7)

Problem Solving (CCC 2)

Critical Thinking (CCC 3)

Innovation and Creativity (CCC 4)

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