Jamboard Activities for Independent Learning by Using Tech Better

A collection of Jamboard activities organized by subject/topic.

EdTech Rating and Reviews: Common Sense Media

“In-depth and trusted reviews by experts, help you find the right app, game or website for your classroom.”

Digital Graphing Tools: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“Whether students are learning to graph coordinates on a plane, manipulating variables in a simulation, or gathering live scientific data, they will be better able to comprehend deep mathematical relationships. Math students — from beginner to advanced — can use these tools to connect math concepts to concrete, real-world scenarios.”

Authentic Assessment Tools for Teachers and Students: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“This list of ELA, social studies, math, and science websites provides ways for teachers to assess students and promote exploration, collaboration, self-regulation, and even social justice at the same time.”

Tech Tools for Learning at Home: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“Try encouraging kids’ passions and promote learning through discovery and play. Lots of apps, games, and websites don’t feel like homework and can still help students build essential skills. Feel confident recommending the following tools to parents and caregivers to unleash their kids’ inner writer, artist, scientist, and more.”

Tools for Classrooms with In-Person and Remote Students: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“From dealing with tech difficulties to creating an inclusive environment to facilitating group work or assessments, hybrid teaching can be a real juggling act. Thankfully, there are some tools that can help, especially when it comes to creating a seamless, collaborative digital classroom that benefits students learning in-person or online. “

Classroom-Friendly Websites and Apps for Making Comics: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“Use these great creation tools to help students learn cartooning and sequencing fundamentals, or just express themselves and demonstrate learning. Teachers might also create comics to put a fun, accessible spin on content, whether it’s a set of visual classrooms norms or a cheeky hook to kick-start a lesson.”

Apps and Websites for Improving Parent-Teacher Communication: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“These apps and websites provide instant, practical, and regular communication tools to encourage active engagement between students, teachers, and parents.”

Top Tech for Using Augmented and Virtual Reality: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can help extend what we see in the classroom or bring the outside world in. Whether students are watching videos of current events or manipulating interactive models, AR and VR can add an extra layer of depth to lessons.”

Best Apps and Websites for the Flipped Classroom: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“Be more mentor than teacher by turning traditional lecture-based instruction on its head. These great flipped-classroom apps and websites help students gain new knowledge at home so that they can come to class ready to put it to use. “

Excellent Early Childhood Education Resources: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“We’ve handpicked our favorite top-rated, seriously fun early learning apps, games, and websites.”

Websites and Apps for Making Videos and Animation: Common Sense Media — Top Picks

“These video and animation apps and sites offer user-friendly tools and features that make it more fun than ever to get kids’ productions created, edited, and polished. There are also a few tools that feature video-based formative assessment, so kids can record and share their video reflections.”

The Best Free Apps and Websites for Learning: Common Sense Media

“Whether you just got new tablets, Chromebooks, or computers — or you’re just looking to fill some curricular gaps — it can be pricey to connect students with quality content. That’s why we’ve hand-curated these awesome free apps and websites that get high marks from our editors for engagement and pedagogy. “

EquatIO for your Classroom: A Play and Pause Resource in partnership with TextHelp

“Make math digital with this FREE EquatIO Play & Pause resource where you will learn to use EquatIO and create four ready-to-use activities for your next math class!

These activities are geared for a Grade 7 or 8 mathematics classroom, and can be easily adapted to both lower and higher grades.”

Texthelp: Teaching Math Online

“In this guide you will find lots of useful information on how you can create engaging math online. There are videos, blogs and downloadable guides that you can keep to refer back to.”

What classroom activities can be adapted for online teaching?

“Audrey McLaren talks about the best activities for online teaching (1m 57s).”

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