Knowledge Quest

Learn about educational escape rooms and how they are connected to the Inquiry Process. A PPT from the 2017-2018 LCEEQ, which contains great escape room resources for educators.

What is Project-Based Learning?

“Are you new to project-based learning (PBL)? Or a little fuzzy about what it is? Watch Suzie Boss, Education Writer and Project-Based Learning Consultant, introduce: What PBL is.” by Common Sense Education

Note Taking for Elementary and High School Students

A Prezi that describes findings and different methods that students can use to take notes.

K-W-L Creator

“K-W-L charts have been widely used to help students prepare for reading by organizing what students know (K) and want to learn (W) before they read and then reflecting on what they learned (L).”

How To Plan When You’re Searching the Internet

Suggestions “to students that they think of keywords that they would like to see on the page and shows them how to exclude unwanted websites.”

I Heard It ‘Round the Internet: Sexual Health Education and Authenticating Online Information

“Students learn to search more effectively online while searching myths on sexuality and contraception and then evaluate the resources found.”

Integrating Research Techniques and Technology

“Students first read graphic novels to become familiar with the text structure, then research a self-selected topic using web-based resources. Students follow the research process and synthesize the information they obtained to create their own graphic novel.”

Sharing Information about Careers with Infographics

“Students research specific careers based on their own interests and then report their findings to the class.”

Google Search Education

A variety of lesson plans, videos and activities to help develop student’s search skills.

Picture Books as Framing Texts: Research Paper Strategies for Struggling Writers

“Students will research their topic and write a report to include information concerning the five W’s (Who, What, Where, When and Why), then work together to discuss each invention and create a timeline showing the chronology of the inventions discussed.”

Travel Brochures: Highlighting the Setting of a Story

“Students create a travel brochure for locations in texts that they have read. The activity requires students to think about and collect the details mentioned in the text that should be highlighted and conduct additional research on the location as they design their own brochures.”

The Hero Project: Authenticating Online Information

“Students are introduced to Internet search skills through researching a personal hero.”

Research Building Blocks: “Organize This!”

“Students learn how to organize the information they found using sentence strips, so that they can create a plan to use their information.”

Do As I Say, AND As I Do

“The teacher will model the research process by doing a collaborative class research project using strategies to avoid plagiarism and follow copyright law.”

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