Primary school computing & literacy w/ storytelling — Bobby Whyte | Computing education research

A video by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Dr Bobby Whyte discusses the benefits and shares examples of storytelling in elementary using programming software (Scratch).

Musical Instruments with Makey Makey: Jason Webb

Musical instruments with the MaKey MaKey (1-4 hours) – easy/intermediate. Can be done with Scratch coding software.

Raspberrypi: Code Club

Step-by-step instructions for projects including Scratch, HTML and CSS, Python, Sense Hat add-on, Sonic PI, Micro:bit, Blender, and more.

Wakelet: Scratch

Check out this Wakelet, which was created by the LEARN RÉCIT team. It contains many helpful links in one spot, so its easy for you to use and navigate.

Interactive Models: How to Guide

A slide deck that covers how to create your own interactive models using Scratch programming software and Makey Makey microcontrollers.

Scratch: Historical Figures

In this open-ended activity, students will research a historical figure and program a short scenario about what they learned. Students could research someone from a particular territory or society they are learning about. They could also program a story related to a specific historical event.

Taste of Scratch: Why Code?

A video explaining why coding is important, the difference between Scratch and ScatchJr, and how to begin coding with your students across the curriculum.

Webinar for Kreocode: Global Goal 12

Learn about the sustainable goals, the Kreocode 2023 challenge and how to start Scratching for sustainability!

Teach with Scratch: Account Setup

A hyperdoc to help guide you in setting up your teacher and student accounts on Scratch.

Scratch Code Along: Animating a face with 5 sprites

Join the LEARN team and learn how to animate a face with 5 Scratch Sprites. Play the video and then circulate your class to offer support OR scratch along too!

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