LEARN PADLET: Photo Editing Software

A collection of photo editing software that might interest students and teachers. The software ranges in terms of the learning curve needed to navigate.

Video Production Padlet curated by LEARN/ RÉCIT

A collection of activities, tools, apps and how-tos for various video production forms (claymation, animation, green screen, etc).

WeDo Building Instructions

Lego WeDo Guide with list of components and building instructions. (1-2 hours) – Easy

LEARN – Graspable Math with Online Teacher Audrey McLaren

Archived Webinar with Audrey McLaren online on June 3rd, 2020.

Graspable Math is an online tool that enables students to experiment with math and algebra in a whole new way. In this video, Audrey McLaren, an online Math teacher at LEARN explains how she uses this tool with her students.

Here are the practice links used in the webinar:

Full-Length Webinar Here

Try Blockly

“Blockly was built by Google for developers and is a block programming language that is compatible with a variety of devices such as Ozobots, Micro:bits, Dash & Dot, MBot, and many others. It is versatile, open source, and is great for translating block code into real programming languages like Python and JavaScript!”

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